Hand Tattoos for Women: Everything You Need to Know

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When you hear “hand tattoos,” do you think yay or nay?

Hand tattoos for women aren’t always popular since they are difficult to hide, unlike other body parts. But having a piece of artwork in a prominent place like your hand can be a cool way to express yourself. It could also offer a confidence boost, a way of putting yourself “out there.”

Female hand tattoos need not always be big statement pieces. You can go minimalist with finger tattoos for women. It’s up to you, which is another great thing about hand tattoos. You’ll have plenty of wiggle room with this tattoo design.

Which Tattoo is Better for Your Hand? Choosing a Design

When it comes to hand tattoos for women, the design options are endless.

If you want to get a hand tattoo but are still considering the design, here are some ideas:

  • Animals. Animals have been popular subjects of tattoos for centuries, and for good reason. What better way to express your personality than having your favorite animal tattooed on your hand? Although butterflies are considered the standard girly hand tattoos, you can choose other insects to make a charming statement. Why not go for a dragonfly? If you’re feeling bolder with your hand tattoo design, go for a deer, wolf or elephant design.
  • Elegant patterns. Many women’s hand tattoo designs incorporate elegant patterns. Most of these pieces draw inspiration from existing patterns that highlight grace and elegance. The mandala is a popular hand tattoo design. If you’re looking for something more feminine, a delicate lace design is also ideal. Other pieces can run up your forearm and look more geometric. The best part is it still looks elegant.
  • Vibrant colors. Some women, they want striking hand tattoos. If this is you, vibrant colors can complete your beautiful hand tattoo. These visible tattoos prove how exciting bright ink can be when applied to body art. From neo-traditional inspired tattoos to cartoon animation, colorful hand tattoos demonstrate the wearer’s dedication and the artist’s talent.
  • Black minimalist line art. Black and gray ink create some of the most interesting and unique designs. While it is associated with precise lines, a black approach can be applied to different tattoo motifs and styles.
  • Flowers are forever favorite hand tattoo designs. Take your pick from traditional roses or go all out with full-color lotuses.
  • Small hand tattoos. Not everyone wants a big tattoo across their hand. In fact, many people prefer to be minimalist with their skin art. That being said, you can go for a small minimalist tattoo it can be something like a small paper airplane or a simple script.
  • Finger tattoo designs. If you’re after a more subdued hand tattoo design, go for a finger tattoo. It’s a more subdued approach characterized by simple line shapes or work patterns, like dotwork crosses or arrows.

Are Hand Tattoos Painful?

One of the most common concerns related to hand tattoos for women is the pain factor. How painful is it to get a hand tattoo?

Buckle up; hand tattoos are considered as one of the most painful tattoos to have (next to underboob tattoos!). Your hands have many nerve endings and the skin is close to the bone. So every touch of the needle can be an excruciating one.

Also, the ink doesn’t apply easily on the skin of the hands so your tattoo artist has to keep applying the ink, which increases the pain factor.

Swelling is also a common side effect of getting a hand tattoo. In most cases, it can be sore for a while, but it will subside.

How Long Do Hand Tattoos Last?

Compared to the other parts of your body, your hands are exposed to almost everything. You always wash them; you always use them to do tasks. They also shed skin faster than other areas of the body, which can affect the longevity of your tattoo.

When properly applied, your hand tattoo can look gorgeous for many years to come. However, they are prone to developing light spots and fading. For this reason, it’s important to work with a skilled tattoo artist to do your hand tattoos and follow care instructions properly.

Even in the best circumstances, hand tattoos may require touch-ups more than once. Consider the frequent touch-ups as part of the hand tattoo commitment.

How Much is a Hand Tattoo?

It varies; there’s no set cost for a hand tattoo due to the following factors:

  • Style and detail. Some tattoo styles require more effort than others. Where a minimalist arrow hand tattoo design might require one needle and a single ink shade, a full flower on your hand will require different needles and inks. That difference impacts the overall cost of a hand tattoo. In general, tattoos become more expensive as the style becomes more intricate or you add more details. But there are minimalist designs that can cost more due to a great deal of precision required.
  • Time and size. Many tattoo artists charge by the hour when it comes to their services. Despite the variability between studios and artists, the logic of tattoo rates is simple: the longer it takes to do your tattoo, the more expensive it will be. Since hands are complex, they can take more time; therefore, they add to the price tag of your design. But there are tattoo artists who charge per piece instead. This is where size comes to play. Some tattoo artists charge a minimum of $120 for a partial hand tattoo while full-hand tattoos can cost around $200.
  • Tattoo artist. Another reason it’s difficult to estimate the cost of a hand tattoo is because tattoo artist rates are variable. Artists determine their prices based on different unique factors, including experience, costs, materials, rent and style.

Important Considerations with Hand Tattoos

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Before you go ahead with your fancy hand tattoo, don’t hastily decide to get one. Think about it. On top of ample thought, you need to prepare and work with a skilled artist.

Also, consider that many employers aren’t OK with visible tattoos in the workplace. In the US military, there is a ban on hand tattoos (all except the Navy). Although many military branches allow smaller tattoos (e.g. wedding band tattoos), enlisting in military services or finding corporate work might be difficult with a visible hand tattoo.

Once you’ve decided to get a hand tattoo, don’t just drop by the nearest tattoo parlor. Carefully plan your next few days since you’ll be working with limited hand capabilities. Take a few days off from work to give your hand time to heal.

Hand Tattoo Maintenance

A touch-up is a big part of hand tattoo maintenance. Since you use your hands frequently, your tattoo might fade, so you’ll have to get it retouched. In fact, you may need to have your tattoo retouched several times during the first year to make sure it looks its best.

Over the lifetime of your hand tattoo, you’ll be having more touchups to maintain its look. So factor these touchups into your budget.

Hand tattoos for women are pretty and lovely forms of body art. They may be painful, but the art you get is worth your while. Just make sure you think about your tattoo design thoroughly. So you can live your life without regrets.

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