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fishing gear

We all need a hobby in life to make it a little more interesting. Whether it’s for unwinding or for wanting to pursue a career in that field, a hobby is an essential part of living. While there are plenty of options to choose from, there’s one hobby that we’d like to suggest to you.

For all of you who love bodies of water and everything in it, the best hobby or sport for you is fishing. This activity is one of the lowest-impact types of hobbies, and it’s also one of the most calming ones.

Welcome aboard, new anglers! You need to take note of quite a few things about this recreational activity. Come closer. We’ll talk about something a bit fishy.

The Health Benefits of Fishing

If you’re ever looking for a hobby that can significantly improve your health, look no further. Fishing has lots of health benefits, not just physically but mentally as well. While the list is quite long, we’ve listed some of the most notable advantages of engaging in fishing activities.


We understand that some of you out there don’t really feel like going to the gym and lifting weights to stay fit. The good news is that you can do this while enjoying nature’s little wonders too.

We don’t mean that you’re going to bring weights out into the lake or river, but fishing actually provides our body with plenty of exercises without us even noticing it. That’s because fishing is a physical activity, but it’s also a low-impact exercise, so it doesn’t put too much strain on the body.

Sun Exposure

There are lots of types of fish that only go out while the sun is up. If you plan on catching these types of fish, you would need to go fishing under direct sunlight. Don’t worry; that’s actually a good thing.

Fishing provides us with plenty of sun exposure, which eventually promotes our body’s production of vitamin D. This vitamin is primarily responsible for boosting our immune systems and fending off all sorts of chronic illnesses.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Aside from physical benefits, fishing is also advantageous for our mental health. For instance, being in nature generally makes us feel calmer. On top of this, being in the water helps our bodies produce negative ions that boost our moods. For these reasons, fishing can be a meditative experience that reduces the anxiety and stress we often feel.

Improved Patience

Whether you like it or not, endless browsing through various social media applications can actually cause detrimental damage to our brains. With how accessible and fast-paced this type of technology is, the average person only has less than five minutes of attention span nowadays. The nature of fishing, where you have to sit still and wait quietly, it’s believed to improve our patience and concentration and reverse the negative effects of modern technology.

The Most Important Fishing Gear

Even if you’ve just started your journey in the world of angling, you still need some essential equipment to engage in fishing activities. Don’t worry. You can enjoy fishing with just the basic equipment. Below are some of them.


The hook is the primary part of your entire fishing rod that gets into contact with the fish. These are made of metal, with the other end bending upwards where you will attach the bait. You need to make sure that the hook is rather sharp and doesn’t bend the other way.


The bait is what you will attach to the hook to lure fish to your line. There are many types of bait ranging from live ones to plastic-based. Generally, you want a bait that mimics the appearance of a live fish, or at least something that has bright colors to attract fish.


The next important fishing gear is the line. This has to be strong and capable of withstanding the pressure and weight of the fish you’re trying to catch. On top of this, it also has to be transparent to not scare fish from coming closer. Learning about the different knots in tying your line to the hook is also important.

Reel and Rod

Lastly, and arguably the ones you have to pay close attention to, are the reel and the rod. Most rods and reels are designed to accommodate an angler’s specific fishing style. However, if you’re only starting, it’s best to have the entry-level ones to let you master the basics of fishing first. You have to make sure that they’re durable enough for the activity! Fishing gear from Van Staal is quite popular among beginners and professionals alike because of how reliable they are.

Fishing is one of the best activities you could ever take, not just because of its physical benefits but also because of the many things it will teach you. No matter what fishing method you plan on taking, you must be properly equipped out there.

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