Figuring Out Your Summer Aesthetic: What to Consider

summer outfit

Whether you’re stuck inside for now or prepping for freedom next year, picking a summer vibe for your looks is both a matter of style and practicality. You can put together looks that feel comfortable during the season but also make for an awesome new profile picture or Instagram post. If you’re not sure how to finalize your go-to summer aesthetic, try to read these tips to help you settle on your own vibe.

Use statement accessories.

You don’t want to pack on too many accessories this time of year, because it’s just not going to be comfortable if they are making you feel heavier and sweatier. Also, in general, over accessorizing is a fine line between trendy and messy, so it may be more achievable to stick to some statement pieces that bring your look together or simply complement your overall outfit. Think thin rubber bracelets that you can layer along with a unique pair of earrings that add personality.

Steer clear of many layers.

summer outfit

Summertime is not the season for layers. You’ll be giving yourself an unnecessarily uncomfortable time if you have too many pieces on top of each other, especially if you have particularly thick garments. If you’re going to do a layered look, be strategic with it. A light and breezy jacket over a sleeveless top should do it, or an unlined hood and shorts combo if you still want to hit that K-Pop visual style without getting yourself a heat stroke.

Pick the right fabrics.

The fabric you wear does a lot to determine how comfortable you’ll feel and how stylish you’ll be. After all, nylon may look cool until you start sweating, and it doesn’t let your skin breathe at all. Plus, some fabrics are not just more likely to warm up and take longer to dry, but they also make it more obvious when you do start perspiring. Avoid an embarrassing situation by knowing the best and worst fabrics for the summer.

Feel free to play with your hair.

You may want to add oomph to your overall look, but you don’t want to pack on too many layers or overthink what pieces to put together. With this, you can always play around with your hair. With a fresh style or a cool pop of color that is well-dyed, you can pretty much elevate any look, even if you’re just wearing a loose shirt with some jeans and sneakers.

Don’t be afraid to let it flow.

Pick up that breeze and look good while doing it with some flowy clothing. If you pick the right one, this can still complement your body, and it won’t look unflattering or shapeless. There are tons of ways to bask in the fun and breathability of flowing fabrics without giving up your form, depending on how you style it.

These are just some things you can do to create a wardrobe for the season. Once done correctly, you’ll have outfits that are perfect for beating the heat and still look fresh for the summer.

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